How Did a Bow Company Start Making Hospital Masks?

Good question! It honestly all started off by accident. We wanted to find a way to help and donate somewhere during the coronavirus but had no clue where to start.


A neighbor, who is a doctor, sent out a request for homemade hospital masks as her practice was out of PPE. This opportunity presented itself and we had the extra fabric, so we made some for her office.  Then another doctor asked for donations, then a nurse, then an administrator for a hospice group, then a friend of a nurse who wanted to help her and the ripple effect continued.


We were doing all of this by ourselves at first. A generous friend started to collect donations for us so we could continue and didn't have to turn anyone away. From there, we have received multiple donations and hundreds of requests for masks. People soon wanted masks for themselves for personal use but didn't feel right taking one for free from us since the donations were for healthcare workers, firefighters and police officers. Our friends, family, customers and strangers all have hearts of GOLD we learned! 


So that brings us to today, we are now selling masks in order to help everyone and still be able to donate to those on the front line of this virus. We are not seamstresses, so these masks will have a blemish here and there, but we are just trying to help as many people in any way we can.   We are offering $2 off all mask orders shipping with code: MASKSHIP

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